Joshua appeared at the same time that jennifer aniston and tate donovan were dating each other in real life. Ben geller[edit] ben (various actors, 1995–1999; cole sprouse, 2000–2002): ross and carol s son, born during the one with the birth. When he sees that phoebe isn t enjoying his performance he gets annoyed, particularly when she claims while cringing that this is how (she) looks when (she s) turned on. This made rachel s feelings for ross grow at a fast rate, making her jealous of julie s relationship with him. Introduced in season 4[edit] stuart stu (fred stoller): a waiter at the restaurant allesandro s, where monica gets a job in the one where they re going to party. Stephen and andrea waltham[edit] stephen (tom conti) and andrea waltham (jennifer saunders): emily s father and shrewish stepmother, introduced in the one with ross s wedding, part 2 rob and cheryl burke dating . I don t picture your face when i make love to my boyfriend. [e 132] rachel runs into melissa in central perk and they go out to dinner.

Dina tribbiani[edit] dina tribbiani (marla sokoloff): joey s sister, who tells rachel, then joey, that she is pregnant—having come to rachel because rachel herself is unmarried and pregnant at the time. Initially, rachel is determined to raise the baby on her own, but later she realizes she needs ross s help. She then takes a role in mexico, resulting in she and joey breaking up and her disappearance from the show. He was also mentioned in the series finale when monica said to everyone he need their keys to her and rachel s apartment. 11), he invites monica and chandler to dinner to celebrate his divorce. He then enters the coffee shop and desperately yells mike. She hires him after being promoted, not because he is the best choice for the job but because she is smitten with him. The seattle times ranked frank as the fourth-best guest character of the series.

[e 50] he reappears in the one with the red sweater in season eight when phoebe thinks he is the father of rachel s unborn baby. Rachel asks monica for permission, which she unhappily gives. [e 1] she flees from her almost-wedding to new york city to find monica geller, her friend from high to make gold fast in teracial dating.
. Alan (geoffrey lower) is monica s boyfriend in the one with the thumb. The 51-year-old choreographer is yet to be sentenced in her bankruptcy fraud case. Amy green[edit] amy green (christina applegate): one of rachel s two sisters, who first appears in the one with rachel s other sister (airdate november 21, 2002; season 9, no. After a series of dates and relationships with a number of men, phoebe meets mike hannigan (paul rudd) in season nine, whom she eventually marries in season ten. .

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